Philips external spd3600cc hack?

I just purchased a philips external spd3600cc from frys. I believe it is a liteon rebadge. I used LtnRPC to make it region free. But the bitset utility from liteon doesn’t work with it. Does anyone know what drive is inside and if it can be set to dvdrom?? thanks

Try using ImgBurn to burn a disc. With ImgBurn you can go to Tools then click on Drive then click on “Change Booktype”. You’ll see a bunch of tabs with dvd brands like Benq, LG, Liteon, NuTech, Plextor, Nec, Ricoh & Samsung. Click on the Liteon tab then in the change for box select dvd+r media. Then in the new setting box choose dvdrom. Then click okay. If in the current setting area you already see that it says “dvdrom” then your drive is already enabled to booktype to dvdrom for dvd+r media. You then wouldn’t have to go thru the steps of “Change Booktype” in ImgBurn. :wink:

I have tried liteon’s bitset util and dvdinfopro and nero cd-dvd speed all of which indicates a dvd+r in the drive shows bitsetting to dvd+r and when I try to change it, error message indicate “bitset not supported”

damn i need a hack

There’s no such hack to have it burn dvd+r to dvdrom. Follow my suggestions using ImgBurn. If you get the same error with using ImgBurn then maybe the drive is defective. You may want to post this question in the Liteon Forum as well.