Philips external burner?

I canceled my liteon order and was thinking to buy an external philips recorder found here
The price is good enough (i think) but the problem is that i don’t know and can’t find which model is.Does anybody know?
Is it compatible with osX (mac)?
Is it a good burner?
Support PO/PI and zitter scanning (like benq)?
A future though:Is it possible to remove the drive from the enclosure and install another drive (liteon,benq,sony,LG etc)?

Thank you very much!!!:bow:

That’s a LiteOn.

CDFreaks rewiev.

WOW thanks!
As i can see this burner isn’t a good buy!!!
Can you suggest me a good ext. burner?

I don’t know where to buy in Italy.

Perhaps some Italian forum members can help.

i found an Lg external for 90 euros.
My question is:is possible to change the internal case drive with another one?Like liteon nec etc?I mean,can i (in the future) keep the LG case and replace the drive with another ide?