Philips EPG problems HELP!

Recently purchased a Philips DVDR80 with EPG, tried it with Freeview STB’s (Pioneer, Bush and eventually what was recommended as the best, the Sony 800) I am having trouble getting the EPG set up for the DVDR, Sony is not a given Maker option on the DVDR unit for Freeview boxes, it is for satellite set up, but not freeview oddly !
Cant get a contact number for Gemstar who wrote the software for Philips and Philips helpdesk is a waste of a call. Would a signal amp help, although the sony works perfect and its own EPG is fine, does the Philips download directly to its own chip or does it download via the Sony/freeview box EPG system, i cant get consistent data population for the DVDR EPG to be any use, and when i have tried recording, anytime i change the Freeview box, my recording channel flips too…

All help welcome before i flog the lot !! :doh: