Philips DVP642

I just recently purchased this DVD Player, I am trying to get a good picture using the progressive scan output and I see no improvement of the picture, I already got a component cable, the gold tip RCA ones to connect with my new 32 Inch LCD Haier TV, I see no improvement whatsoever in the picture, and I enabled in the DVD Player and also put it in YPbPr mode, I don’t know what I am doing wrong, anybody who has this DVD Player? how did it work for you, do you really see any improvement in the picture?

I moved to component cables too (so I could use the S-Video for my satellite box) and the picture does look the same. I think if you want to use the progressive scan mode that the DVP642 has, you need a EDTV, otherwise it won’t work on a SDTV. My TV is still just a SDTV unit for now. Does your Haier support EDTV or HDTV resolutions?

it’s an HDTV