Philips DVP642 Progressive Scan Turns Off?

Hi, I have had the DVP642 for a couple of days now. I have been actively comparing it to my older Panasonic RP62 player. However, I noticed a problem when analyzing some of the images (its most apparent on the credit screen when the credits are scrolling up fast). I have set up the 642 dvd player to playback in progressive mode (PROGRESSIVE=ON), and set up component video out (VIDEO OUTPUT=YPbPr set). However, when I turn the player off, then back on, I notice that the movie I watch is interlaced (i.e., as if the progressive option is set to OFF… lots of jaggy lines… try this by watching fast scrolling credits at the end of the movie). I can verify that the progressive option is set to on (by going back to the dvd player VIDEO SETUP PAGE). However, if I set the progressive option to OFF, then immediately set it back to ON, the image is displayed as I expect it for progressive scan (no jaggy lines). This happens every time I turn the DVD player off and back on again. Does anyone else have this problem? Any suggestions to fix this issue? Thanks

I have the same problem with the Philips DVP642/37, I upgraded the firmware to the newest version but Progrssive scan stops working everytime I turn off the DVD player and I have to reset it in the menu. Did you find a solution to the problem with yours?

I’ve been researching this player as a possible purchase and saw a message in another forum that said Philips is aware of the problem and will address it in a future firmware update.