Philips DVP642 Picture Quality

For those with the DVP642 model…

What do you guys think of the picture quality when viewing regular dvd’s?
I replaced my Toshiba dvd player with this model strictly for it’s divx ability. But it seems as if the picture isn’t quite as vibrant or detailed as it used to be on regular dvd’s. It’s not a big difference, but enough to bug me into thinking I should have a better quality dvd player for main viewing. My tv is a fairly new 27" JVC I’ART flat screen hooked up to the dvd player via monster component cables… As my old Toshiba player has been donated to another tv in the house, I am not able to keep both hooked up to this tv… although when I hooked it up the other day to compare I found out I was right, the Toshiba is a little crisper and more vibrant… kinda sucks cause now whenever I watch a regular dvd on my Philips I just keep thinking about how the picture could be a lil better.

Am I delusional or am I really seeing a difference? Anyone else notice this or have anything to comment on the playback quality of this thing?

Otherwise, it’s awesome, those 1400meg divx movies (and even a handful of 700meg movs) do look fantastic, I certainly don’t regret the purchase…

I totall agree, the picture quality on regular DVD’s isn’t that good. Before this, I had a Samsung DVD/VCR combo and the picture quality of DVD’s was alot better compaired to the Philips. I have a 42 inch Mitsubishi wide screen HDTV so I can definitely tell a difference between the two DVD players. I thought this would be a good player because it can play Divx and stuff but I’m thinking about returning it.

I own 3 of the Philips Units,all work great.I installed the Rom Upgrade V0531
before I actually used it much.

Plays backup & purchased media with the same quality.


Is there a Region hack available for this thing?

Some newer Philips models can be made region free easily. There is no info, though, concerning this particular model. Exists one method, here you go:

  1. Make sure there is no DVD is the player.
  2. Power on.
  3. Open the tray.
  4. Type: 99990

For region 1: 99991, for region 2: 99992, etc.

Most likely, this one will work:

PRESS 7-8-9-OK-0 (will see one 0 appear)

If not, try this one:

PRESS 0-0-0-0-OK-0 (will see one 0 appear)