Philips DVP642 multiple divx's

Was thinking about purchasing the Philips DVP642 as it plays pretty much everything. My only concern is that would I be able to burn multiple divx movies onto a dvd and have this player play them? Would a menu come up or anything so I could pick which divx to play? Has anyone here tried this?


yes. the name of each video will show on the main screen and you can use the up/down arrow on the remote to choose the video you want to play. I have two philips dvp642 and am very pleased with them. The only problem I’ve had is they don’t like the dvd +rw. Dvd +r no problem. dvd -r/rw no problem

That’s good you can do that then. I probably wouldn’t buy one if there wasn’t some kind of menu option. Are there any other problems that come to mind with your dvp642? I’ve heard a few people say that certain divx’s encoded with a specific program won’t play properly on it and that pal dvd’s are blurry. Anyhow thanks for your response. That was my main concern.

Have used two of them quite while w/o problems. Menu only show 11 letters of the file name. I usually put a different folder for every movie and both or all video files there. I have used SVCD, VCD, DivX and Xvid files (in same DVD even) and only had a couple that did not play. Usually Q-Pel avi’s.

Good player,


Ya the lack of long filename support is no biggie really. This sounds like a great player for the price. I’ll probably buy one. Thanks for the info. :slight_smile:

Well, if Philips decides to issue a firmware update to support the new DivX 6 format we’ll have no more issues with regard to file name length, ugly-ass menus, etc. Here’s betting they won’t do one, however. :frowning:

I specifically bought mine because it does let you change regions, and plays PAL flawlessly. I’ve already watched two different PAL DVD’s on it, and there were absolutely NO problems.

I just burned a DVD with all 16 episodes of the first season of Malcolm In The Middle (logain xvid rips), and tried it. When I put it in, it started playing the first episode right away. I was disappointed there was no menu. Then, after reading this thread, I tried it again, and saw that you have to press the menu button on your DVD remote to access the menu. I wish I would’ve renamed my files before burning them now, but at least it works, and has a menu.

This is probably a stupid question, but is there a way to make a better menu somehow, like by creating it with some software, then adding those files to the files you are burning to the DVD, or is that something the manufacturer of the DVD player has to do via firmware?