Philips DVP642 - Audio skipping problem

Hi, I have a dvp642, reading threads in other forum i notice that this model have some problem when playing dvds audio skips about 1/2 second, my receiver shows “prologic” for 1/2 sec. then back to normal (DD5.1) and the video seems to be ok in that moment, only audio is the problem.

Someone have the same problem? someone fix it?


Pd. My english it´s a little poor, sorry.

I must say it is a typical Philips problem, lately. You are not the only one.
You may try to update the firmware, but you have to know that it might not solve your problem. Upgrade on your own risk, if you decide so.

Thanks, i´ll try, but i don´t know if it soft o hard the problem.
I don´t see many people with this problem, just a few. Also I have other issue, when i see a movie on DVDR in some the screen shows like zoom of 1.5x. I mean that some parts of the left and right is missing and the film seems to be more big than it is.

In my Computer the same films are ok.

Thanx a lot.

Well… I would suggest you trying to update the firmware. Use only the official firmware from Philips site. If my memory does not fail me, the firmware version of DVP630 is the same as the DVP642, but you have to check it.

If your problem is not solved, you can ask for an exchange. Philips models have lately “some issues”.

P.S.: Before upgrading you can contact Philips Customer Services and ask for an advice, don’t forget to ask what firmware to use, if this option is applicable. :wink:

thanks a lot for your help. I´m trying not to beat against the wall.