Philips DVP642/37 Won't Eject

I have had a total of (4) DVP642/37 DVD players and i can only really complain about one thing that all of them have had in common. eventually i am not able to eject a disc. u can hear it trying to but never does. i tried powering it off and back on, unplugging it for days, etc. finally i opened it up so that i could get my dvd out and notice that there are two wheels that when you move them, open the dvd disc tray, well there was a “belt” that snapped. i keep trying to get some spair belts from philips but get a bunch of shiat for opening it up. well ok, i opened one, lets say, but when the exact same thing happens for the others, i think i know what the problem is. I had the dvd player in my cabinet with my tivo and i think that heat might have helped dry out the belt and crack it, so i ened up leaving my cabinet open but that doesn’t seem to help so i’m trying it on a table outside of the stand. but the main prob is i’m not sure what size belt to get, anybody know. i’ve tried searchin this site and google for a while looking for replacement parts, etc. i tried working with philips and looking for a parts list/diagram but had no luck. any help you could provide would be super. looking for the part number or size of the belt so that i can order some more.


Thanks for your post. The same thing happened to mine and it’s the same model. Definitely a flaw in engineering.

The belts are not available as spares. You`d have to change the DVD loader as a whole item. From the Philips Service Manual :-
9965 000 38596 DVD LOADER ASS‘Y M04S-5 ASL261603-1112.

FYI, this unit has a 1 yr warranty, though Circuit City states on their website that it only has a 3 month warranty. I called Philips and I’m getting mine replaced for $9. I have 23 days left on my warranty. Nice timing.


As a thrifty (cheap) engineer who hates to see basically good electronics land into recycling heaps or dumps, I can help you.
My DVD player eject belt was cracking/splitting and broke…bummer!

[U]Cheap fix (McGyver special)[/U]
Use some 3M Automotive Super Weatherstrip adhesive to bond the ends together according to instructions. Use a hair dryer to gently heat the adhesive and dry the solvent out. Pull gently, push back together several times to set the bond and align the ends of broken belt. I lightly coated the outside of the belt with the stuff since it was so cracked looked like the next break was minutes away. I used a toothpick to stick to a small point on the belt while drying it out with the hairdryer. Installed the belt and VOILA! Wife can watch the movies I got her for Christmas…:flower:

[U]Better fix[/U]
I found a source for belts on the net after a lot of data mining…WOW!
Here’s the link:



PS: If you are really cheap and want to combine the cheap fix with buying a big circumference belt to make many belts, belt shipping is reduced slightly. I told you I’m cheap.