Philips DVP630/05 - firmware upgrade problems

Right this is driving me around the bend.

I downloaded the 0112 firmware instructions pdf and the zip archive containing the firmware upgrade files.Inside there were three files : dvpxx.rom, dvpxxdv.rom, dvpxxEW.rom

The instructions said only to burn the first two files to a cd-r. I did this and followed all the instructions to the letter but couldn’t get the firmware upgraded.

I contacted Philips and got them to send me out a cd containing the firmware upgrade. I inserted the disc but the only thing that happens is the root folder of the disc appears on the TV.

This cd also only had dvpxx.rom and dvpxxdv.rom on it.

The only thing I can think of thats not right is the fact I’m not using dvpxxEW.rom. When I check the software version of my player after all the numbers there is an “E”.

I would’ve given up by now only I burn a lot of divx/xvid files to cd and would like the added subtitles support the 0112 firmware upgrade offers.

Please help!!

Did you reset the Player before inserting the upgrade disc ?


Hmmm curious. Did you check your current firmware version first ?