Philips DVP3140/37 Progressive Scan DVD Player

I own 2 of these players and have the same issue. With a recorded movie, the audio sync gets off, quickly. I correct this by hitting stop, them resume and it works awhile, then back to the out of sync issue. I play this same movie on a different brand player…even cheaper and it works. It is not the media…CONFIRMED.
Same thing on 2 of the same players. Does anyone know what this is. It’s driving me nuts and am about to throw them away.

This seems to be a known issue with this player. Have a look at this earlier thread about this same issue.

One user reported that running VideoRedo on their affected titles fixed the issue. Unfortunately, the price of this software would easily pay for two entry level DVD players, not to mention the time involved in converting each title and burning them to new discs.

thx, i figured this to be the case.