Philips DVP3140/37 firmware upgrade problem

I am trying to upgrade the firmware on DVP3140. I made several upgrade CDs following all the instructions (i.e., Mode 2/XA, single session, low speed writing, etc.) and using different CD brands and Nero6 and Easy CD Creator 10 software. In all cases the player displays “File not supported” message. Would be thankful for any suggestions.

I am having the exact problem as well. What’s interesting is I bought one a month ago and upgrading it fine. I still had the CD from the first upgrade. I just bought 2 more yesterday and the same CD that worked on my 1st DVP3140 could not be read from my new 2 units.

i had a similar problem
i still have an old computer that run windows 98 downloaded the firmware unzipped it
then i made a cd with nero – data cd to be exact
burned it really slow with no errors
popped it in the dvd player and it worked
just out of curiousity i had problems with the dvd player skipping scenes
did you guys have a similar problem ?
im testing it now and so far so good
that was the main reason for upgrading the firmware it was skipping scenes

forgot to mention this but i did the same thing on a computer that has an xp operating system and the disc didnt work not sure if it was nero that was the problem or xp
but i have had similar problems like this before and found the problem to be xp maybe because its not dos based not sure but i just found xp has given me problems in the past so when i do the same things with a 98 operating system things went smooth