Philips DVP 642 DivX counter problem

Hey guys I just picked up one of these units and it works good. But the problem I am having is everytime I start a divx movie it puts a counter in the top right corner, counting the seconds that the movie has been played.

I figured out I can get rid of it by hitting display on the remote then moving the up arrow a few times. But it comes back every movie I play!! So I have to do the same process everytime its really annoying.

Anyone else have this problem? Ive tried everysingle menu I can possibly see and I cant find anything about this, the manual is no help either.

I’ve got the same problem with no solution. Must be a faulty batch of players because I haven’t heard of this before.

Help!! I bought my second 642 today (dont ask) and its got this very same counter issue. I just mailed to Philips but it may take 4 days to get an answer :Z

Is there a solution?

p.s I just found a similar thread on doom9. It looks like units made from Oct2006 on may have this prob. Mine is nov2006.

Eh? :slight_smile: