Philips DVP 642 annoying subtitles

Just bought this player- impressed except for one thing-- By default it plays english subtitles when they are on the dvd. I tried turning them off, but I guess you have to turn them off for every disk- real annoying. I want to make it so that by default NO subtitles play. Is there a way to do this?

I had a Philips DVP 720SA and it had in the menu an option allowing the subtitles to be turned off by default. I assume DVP 642 also has such an option in the menu.

I checked- and unless there is some kind of secret way of doing it-- there isn’t. The subtitle options are English or 2 other languages- there is no option for no subtitles.

My 642 player doesn’t do this; I think there’s an option in the system menu.

Is your player region free?