Philips DVP 630 aka 642

Hi my player doesn’t play DVD-s “no disk” but plays ordinary CD-s with divx movies.

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Just out of curiosity, how old is your player? If you have only just bought it or it is under a year old and have always had issues playing DVDs in it, I would strongly recommend bringing it back for repair or replacement. A ‘No Disc’ error (with a disc loaded) on DVDs only basically means that there is something wrong with the laser unit itself, since ordinary CDs use invisible infrared light, while DVDs use visible red laser light.

On the other hand, if you have been regularly playing DVDs, your player is over several months old and this issue started happening out of the blue just recently, chances are that dust has built up on the laser lens over time. In this case, try running a laser lens cleaning disc.

Hi first thanks for welcome. :clap:
Well the player is year and half old and it started happening out of the blue as you said it I do try to clean laser lens but with no luck,on the net I found possible solution to adjust the laser strenght and nothing hapend.I will try to play with it and maybe … :bow: