Philips DVDRW885 and Copyprotection

Hi there

My DVDRW885 had big problems with some new copy-protected games. The biggest problem I have is with HL2 (DVD-Version): the game don’t launch. The message says, that the authentication of the disc takes to long.

I use Firmware 1.7 and 1.8… is there any firmware from BenQ that I can use? Or any other solution?

Your problem is the SecuROM copy protection that Vivendi Universal uses (Vivendi bought Sierra of course).

I had the same message with my Philips DVD8631 and Vivendi’s “Evil Genius”. However they fixed it in a patch release for the game.

I would harrass both SecuROM and Vivendi, although the support people at Vivendi are too stupid for words. Their answer was that I should send my disk for exchange (as if it was a damaged disk) but of course the programmers had already been working on a fix. Dumb.