Philips DVDRW824p

Hi All,
My dad has one of these Philips dvdrw824p / dvdrw824k_00 which has been updated to firmware 1.5 using the philips intelligent update tool. However this drive seems extremely picky about the disks it will read. I’m burning using a Liteon SOHW 832s to burn the disks which work in everyone else’s machines even my craptop (p3) but some of these refuse to play ball in this drive. We get random CRC errors and sometimes it just refuses point blank to even read the DVD-r and +r disks i’m using. Some of these are pretty cheap and tacky media but they work for everyone else. Now using the nero disk info tool we can see the UDF session but not the data. On some of them we are able to get the data off the disks using ISOedit but this is time consuming.

My question is can I update this drive to another better firmware or even different manufacturer firmware like the Benq or HP. I can see from the Forum lots of people have moved between the dvdrw824k_40 and the hp400 / Benq firmware but I dont see anything related to the _00 or /00 drive. Or am i being thick and you can just update the 00 drive to 20/40 using the firmware. I dont want to wreck the drive I just want it to read all disks without failures.

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