Philips DVDRW824P ---> Benq DW822A: Failed?



Hi all,
i’m a newbie. After browsing this forum i decided to upgrade the firmware of my philips dvdrw824p (p.2.2) to benq dw822a b3cl-2 (for d/l support). after that, my windows xp sp2 didn’t boot (stopped during windows logo screen or even before with a blank screen). the only way to make it boot is to go to bios and disable the secondary slave drive (where my philips is attached). strangely to say, after that, system boots up and even recognize the dvdrw drive (as atapi dvd dual 8x4x12) but it behaves not as expected: it’s slower than before (with dvd+r, the only media i use), sometimes it stops and refuse to go further, and morever sometimes system won’t boot up (i have to try several times).

so question is: is it normal? if not, how can i fix it? or how can i restore to original firmware (2.2.)?

thank you.



Welcome :).
The problems you describe often happen after updating firmware when using motherboard specific drivers or packet writing software. Low transfer rates indicate disabled DMA.
Post the text output of nero infotool as text file attachment using the Manage Attatchments button so we can have a look at your config to reduce the guessing factor.


here you are, hope it helps


some update and another request:

  • i changed the trasfer mode for the drive (now not automatically through bios, windows xp reported multi word dma 2, but set it manually to ultradma 33) and now it seems to work better (now windows xp boots up almost normally without disabling secondary slave ide controller)

  • i’ve read somewhere that nforce ide driver (i use a asus a7nx-e mb with nforce 5.1 driver) could cause problems with benq d/l firmware. is it true? and now can i go back to MS ide drivers (and where can i get them)? (btw i’m running windows xp professional sp2)

thanks again and bye


To remove the driver, look here.