Philips dvdrw416k/30 help

ive bought this and it seamed ok at first then i went and bought a pack of 25 bulkpaq orange genarition 4 4xspeed-dvd-r and i cant burn a thing on them im using nero when ive added the data and go to finish it wont let me use the burn button is thier any updates i can do i dont really want to flash it ive read the posts about that and found it intresting but worying as ive only just bought it but if i have to i may do that any help would be aprechiated thanks all

My experiment

is thier a list of compatibale dvd’s that will work with this model as i said ive read what you have done and dont really want to do that unless thier is no other way

I’ve tried contacting Philips Consumer Electronics about this , to no avail.

You could use the ND1300a media compatibility lists as a reference, I guess. Although the alternative firmware makes the drive work different with the same media, it’s still the same drive. It’s not that an accurate source, but it’s better than no source at all.

Although there are official sources for the media compatibility list of the ND1300a, I’d advice to use our search to see how certain media react on this drive.

Good luck!