Philips DVDRW416 help please

Hi i got a crap philips DVDRW416 wich can burn f**k all :a
and i here you can flash it to a nec or BENQ not sure but i need some help
iv done the nec one but dont work? thx in advance… :bow:

I’ve never seen a drive which can do so…

The 416 seem to be a NEC 1100 clone.

the philips dvdrw is the same nec 1100a and can be changed to nec 1300a -rw and +rw. I have one and make the change and works perfect.

HI …Look for ND1100 >>>to>>> ND1300 firmware at ENTA’S PAGE.
This Philips DVDRW416 has been manufactured by NEC.

Firmware flash tool:

Special firmware:

I prefer 1.0A.1 firmware… This has Best media support and is the latest official firmware available for the ND1300A.

thx but that dont work :frowning: need help plzzzzz

Hi wizz123, and welcome to our forum.

There are actually 2 versions of the Philips 416 series:

[ul]Philips DVDRW416K/30 (DVDRW416) using the P1.x firmware
[li]Philips DVDRW416K/00 (DVDRW416N) using the 1.C0 firmware[/ul]
[/li]If needed I can provide you with the P1.4 firmware for the DVDR416K/30.

thx i got 1.4 but still dont see media?

Exactly, that’s the missing thing. “N or not N.”

416N means it’s a NEC 1100 clone, otherwise it’s the Philips own model.

Sorry for the confusion and thanks to jan70 for the heads-up.

how do i fined out what it is?

You can run a tool like Discinfo to find out.
Also you can clear it up by checking the current firmware.

i got discinfo and i just says 416?

In this case the firmware revision and name comes into play…

chef help me out mate im not sure what to do next?

For the 416 use the links from here.
For the 416 N use the links from here.
For the 416N you can also use some firmwares available on Herrie’s site.
Again, the 416N version is a NEC 1100A clone.

hi chef still no joy i tried to flash it and it seems to just go back to philips 1.4?
this is what i put in DOS
nec -sec -mas -flash nec****.bin

That’s because your drive is the PHILIPS one, the NEC firmwares are not suitable. :frowning:

so what do i do?

Your drive already has the latest firmware on…

any ideas:(

Test the drive in another computer, maybe a different OS, different media, different burning software.
That’s the best choice to find out if it’s working or not.

did that mate still no good

Hi, I would be grateful if you could email me a copy of the firmware for DVDRW416.