Philips DVDRW416 (8301) you'r my last resource ;(

Hello there, I’m writing here as I think this is perhaps the only forum available apart from another one dedicated to Philips devices.
I have a Philips DVDRW416 K vers. and I had all sort of problem since the last month when it suddendly stopped burning.
To cut the long story short it all began when I did install a new GFX card, an Nvidia FX5900XT…initially I though that the reason why the drive stopped to burn @ 4X was due to the short amperage provided by my AC power supply as the FX card need external power in order to run, strange rings were burn as a result of failure burning…kind a fade out burning ring…but…
after that I tried to reinstalll my old card for a test did noticed no differences.
I did try almost everything…ASPI Drivers removal…re-installing…Forcing ASPI…removing IDE drivers–Installing Via chipset drivers…did try to firmware it back to P.1.2 and back to P 1.4. Installl the driver into a new computer with fresh XP installation …NOTHING Worked out!!! so…basically the driver does not recognize CD’s and read 40% of my previous DVD backup…something I did notice is that the drive work better in safe mode and those DVD that doesn’t read in Nomal XP session does read in safe…but still …if I burn under safe mode it stop burning with errors…any help? clue? is there a flashtool that actually work under DOS? why on hearth Philips did this flash firmware software running under windows? why is there no new Firmware avail for it? I know many other custome like me had the same problem…should I hrow this drive out of the window?..pls any help is much appreciate…sorry this long.


Perhaps is stupid to ask it to you,
but did you try to clean the laser of the dvd with a easy to buy cd?


Look at the threads date cicciostar its from December the 15th 2004, that person has long since moved on.

Dear all
PLEASE help! I have a Phillips DVDRW416 (P1.2) which was burning DVDs merrily last night. This morning I tried, and nothing. I’ve tried since, with a dozen different (brand new) DVDs, and nothing. It’ll burn CDs okay, and read CDs and DVDs, but that’s it. I use BURNonCD&DVD for DVD burning, and also Easy CD Creator. But neither work. I’ve searched for the last 2 hours for a firmware upgrade, but all the links I found are dead. I’ve tried removing the driver and restarting windows - no joy. Can ANYONE help me, email me a firmware upgrade, something? Thanks!

Even remmoving your new card and replacing it with old one will not always work. If you have run the PSU at a higher rating that it can do it will start to burn out / overheat and even lowering the ampage will not fix it as sometimes it will no longer output as much as it once did because you have run it above spec or run it how. How many watts is your PSU and who makes it.

Google turned up this page with working links to a 1.4 firmware for the DVDRW416, worth a try at least.