Philips dvdrw208k



I got this drive yesterday for £250 in the uk. All installed ok. After some research i found out that to copy a film (scary movies 2) i needed to use dvd decryptor to copy the film to H/D, then use nero to burn back. Dvd decryptor removed the protection from the film etc and left me with a 3 1/2 gig image on my hard disc, same size as the dvd. Using udf/iso dvd options on nero i burned the whole film in 15 mins which i thought was good.
Tried it in my pc using powerdvd to play. Gave an error message of ' a disc with an unsupported format is in drive f:'. i then opened the files on the dvd using powerdvd's browser and it played the film perfectly - without menu's etc. I then tried it on my dvd player and it came up with no disc.

Obviously i've made a mistake somewhere, but i'm not sure where. I was wondering if anyone had this drive, or if anyone could explain where ive gone wrong. Thanks in advance.