Philips DVDRW 824K, BenQ OEM?

Hi there,

i’ve got a Philips DVDRW 824K/40 Drive and i’m wondering wether it’s a genuine Philips Drive or BenQ OEM?

If it’s OEM, which BenQ Drive is comparable? Is it possible to switch to BenQ Firmware?

Sorry for my bad English & Thanks!

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Benq produced this drive, which was developed by Benq and Philips. The latest firmware release for a Benq/Philips 8xx series drive was made by Philips for the 824K/40 drive (P3.4) and is available at the Philips firmware site. In principle you can crossflash to the Benq firmwares, but I doubt that this will solve any problem you see on your drive using the latest original firmware.