Philips dvdrecorder DVDR75 doesn't play copied dvd



Hi there,

Can you help me with this problem: I’ve made a backup of an original dvd that I own (to avoid any misunderstandings: this is allowed in our country) and the copy plays without problems on my computer but it won’t play on the standalone DVD recorder, which is a Philips DVDR75.
All I get is a message “this disk contains unknown data” and that’s it, it won’t play…
I made the copy of my original dvd using dvd decrypter and then dvdshrink and nero 6. Also tried to convert it using Nero Recode but that didn’t help either. Burned with Nero “video-dvd” didn’t solve it either…
What can I do to make the DVDR75 play this copy?


You can’t change your recorder to play your disk (unless it’s a firmware bug which is fixed in an update). What you need to do is change the way you author your disks so that they are playable on your equipment.

You don’t give us enough details about your process and testing to narrow down the possible cause of playback failure.

Does the same disk play back on other standalone players? What type and speed of media are you using (preferably supply us with the media code)? What speed did you burn the disk at? What firmware is on your DVDR75? Did you shrink the whole disk or did you use the DVDShrink “re-author” function?



Hi, thanks for your reply. I’ve already updated the firmware to the latest version but that didn’t help. I’ve tried the disks on several standalone players and some of them worked and others didn’t. I can’t give you the media code because I don’t know what it is nor where to find it but I can give you the names of the brands I used (all RW+) Imation, Philips, Memorex and 1x - 4x speed.
I burned the disks with my Philips dvd writer on max speed but when that didn’t work I tried lowest speed but the result was the same.
With Shrink I unselected the things I didn’t need (like extra languages and subtitles) and then used the “back up” button in Shrink, the settings were set automatically.
I also tried with Shrink alone, so without DVDDecrypter and today I made a copy using DVDFabExpress but they all give the same result: the recorder won’t play the disk and I can choose between ejecting the disc and erasing it…


does your recorder play other backups borrow a few of your mates and try that its funny cos i got one and it plays most things


I had the same problem when I was shopping for my DVDR75. I found that the manufacturing date was related to whether or not it would play a PC-burnt DVD. DVDR75s manufactured later than the first quarter of 2003 played my PC copies perfectly while those with an earlier date demonstrated the problem you had. My unit was manufactured in June 2003 and plays PC-based DVDs perfectly. I use DVDshrink and Nero.



Myke: I already tried that and on occassion I can play those copies from friends but most times it won’t play those dvds either and I’ll get the same errormessages…

JimLely: wow that’s interesting! (to others who helped me: NO, I’m def not saying that your comments weren’t interesting, so don’t get me wrong here okay :wink:
I bought mine in June 03 but I don’t know when it was manufactured, where can I find the info on that?


The manufacturing date is on the back near the serial number


Thanks, I can’t check it now because I sent the 75 back to Philips but I’m def going to check it when it comes back!
Keep your fingers crossed okay :wink:


Are all other DVD’s working? I had the same model and it crapped out on me after 13 months and won’t read any store bought dvd’s or +R’s anymore. The only thing it reads now are +RW’'s that it created.

I was very upset that it died just a month after the warranty and Philips wouldn’t do anything. I went on to do research and it sees as if many people were having the same problem, even in less time then me. Philips seems to get horrible reviews.

I have since bought a SONY GX300 and love it and have had 0 problems.


No, not all other dvds were working either and lately the 75 even had problems playing original dvds and also with playing RWs that it had recorded before! But I’m sure they’ll solve the problems for us, so far they always did!
You say Philips get horrible reviews… do you mean Philips in general or only the 75? Over the years I’ve bought many Philips “things” and so far I’m very pleased them as well as with Philips’s efforts towards the customers knocks on wood that we will remain so pleased with them


I mean their DVD Recorders. I can not tell you how many people I have read about that had theirs die the same way your explaining yours did, which is the way mine did.

I wrote them a long e-mail explaining how dissapointed I was in their product and service after using many Philips products for many years with no problems. I explained to them my situation about the 75 and how it was barely 13 months that it died…

They e-mailed me back w/a phone number and a ref# to mention when I called. They had me on the phone for over an hour before they finally told me they had no clue what the ref# was for and they would call me back before days end… It’s 11:27pm now and I Have not heard from them.

I’m afriad I’ve reached the end of the road with them. Really quite dissapointing.

Let me know how you make out, please!


That’s really sad! I’m glad to say I bought an extended warranty for 5 years, so that’s not going to be a problem for me. It’s too weird that warranty can be refused after only 13 months! I mean you buy the thing expecting it to last at least several years!Maybe you could inquire at an organisation for consumers in your country, because as far as I know they must repair it for free / or at least a reasonable price eventhough it’s older than 1 year, because there is a thing as “expected lifetime” for appliances, don’t know where you live, nor about the law in your country but I would def contact your consumer organization and see what they say and even more important: see if they can help you! Good luck! Let me know how it goes, okay :wink:


I had a 1500 that went bad and was replaced by Philips with an 80. It also went bad and Philips told me that they would not consider a warranty on the 80 - only on the original unit that the 80 replaced! So now I have a big silver peper weight because it will cost more to repair it than to buy another one. We need to start a thread where all Philips DVDR owners can express their displeasure, then send it to Philips.


I’m sorry to hear that but why do you post this message here and not in a new thread…
So far I’m very pleased with the service Philips has given me over the years, so I am def not one of the people who’d sign your petition.
Good luck with it and too bad you had problems with both of them!


What is your country, then, in which Philips service is so great (albeit in this case on the strength of an extended warranty)?


I actually did. But here is the latest…

It would not read the disk originally so I figured that it was a lost cause. I was told to try an overnight reboot - to leave it unplugged more than 8 hours. I did that, let it find the channels, etc, and tried the firmware disk again. To my surprise it downloaded the updates with no problems. It will play a DVD now, which it would not do before, but I have not tried to record yet (I will tonight). I was ready to fling it in the trash but a long reboot did the trick. If it does record as in the past I will owe Philips an apology. But why couldn’t the Philips tech service guys have told me that?