Philips DVDR985A

Any ideas: We hope you can help us. We have a Philips DVDR985A , have done the update. Our problem seems to be we cannot record to dvdr+rw disks . It will record to dvd+r disks ok. We have tried several type dvd+rw disks. Any suggestions greatly appreciated.
Will record on dvd+r but can’t seem to get to record on rw’s. Of course Philips company no help at all. can’t remember if we ever recorded on rw’s in past or not . I could understan if disk had something recorded on to go to another box BUT shows EMPTY each time .

The older Philips DVD recorders do have problems reading some brands of higher speed +RW. If you can get hold of ‘1-4x’ labelled rather than just the one speed (‘4x’, ‘8x’), that might do the trick. Otherwise just get the slowest speed you can (2.4x preferably).