No longer recognizes DVDs, blank, pre-recorded or recorded in the unit itself. This was a great machine (and not cheap). After about 2 years, it reads “NO DISC” no matter what I put in it. I’ve cleaned the lens. I installed the software upgrade. Philips is not help. Anyone else having this problem? Have any suggestions?

I also have a DVDR985 which has worked pretty well for the last 3-4 years. However, just recently it has begun to have problems such as you describe. Often, I will put a blank DVD+R in the machine to record a TV show, it appears to be going okay. At some point in the recording process I will get a disc error. More recently I have had the machine tell me that “no disc” is in the machine when clearly there is. Sometimes the discs are store bought movies and it will not see them. Sometimes I will put a brand new DVD+R in the machine to make a recording and it immediately gives me a disc error. My problems have been intermitent, but they appear to be getting more frequent. I really do not know what to do. I paid a lot for this machine and I do not want to pay a lot just to keep it working with all of new technology out there. I am curious if there is any maintenance that should be done to the laser that might help. Also, I ran the diagnostic procedure and it passed.
I have not updated firmware in a long time. Not sure if that would even help. It worked before, why should a firmware upgrade correct anything?

It’s not likely that upgrading the firmware will help. Although firmware could conceivably affect the laser by varying the power, and thus the reading/writing capability, unfortunately the signs in your unit are typical of a machine with a gradually failing laser. The incapability of reading commercial pressed DVDs is a late effect and has a bad prognosis. Replacement of the optical part of the drive is the only reliable solution.

Philips did offer an extended 2-year guarantee to some machines, notably a proportion of the 8x0 series which were fitted with faulty optical pickup units, but your 985 would probably be too old to qualify.

Still, they can only say no. Why not try the method linked above and see what happens.

Otherwise I would say it’s not economically sound to repair. There’s a really wide choice of new DVDRs now, many of which will still play the +Rs you already have.

It would be nice if the original contributor got back with some progress, if any.

Hi, I was looking for info on my philips dvdr985 error code AB FO9B56 and didn’t see any others same codes in the forums. Does anyone have any info on the error code and what it means. I haven’t been able to reset the machine since it appeared, thanks.

Once you start getting error codes such as AB****** and DB****** rest assured it’s the beginning of the end.
You can either:

  1. Send machine for repair, usually a laser assembly replacement (Expensive)
  2. Put machine in bin & buy another :sad: