Philips DVDR985: "Disc Error"




My DVDR985 does the following things:

-will only record one title. (maybe just seems like this: see next item)

-will only record about a half hour to an hour. Then it lapses into “disc error” and will not save the session. when you pop the disc back in, nothing is recorded. The disc is still blank.

-won’t record to DVD+R, only DVD+RW. If you use a DVD+R it craps out with an error code (DB 7FC58422) and the recorder powers down.

I thought my deck was in need of a firmware upgrade- I had read on this site about similar issues with Philips DVD recorders. I had a heck of a time getting the firmware to apply (had to reburn the disc in different ways), but I did, finally.

Any ideas? Anything to try?



Moved to the DVD Recorder & Home Entertainment forum - I’m sure someone in this forum will be able to help you. :slight_smile:


Having the same problem with my 2 and half year old DVDR890. It seems lots of people have had the same problem. Phillips wants shed loads of cash to repair it, so instead will use the cash to buy the new Sony 910.

Never again will I buy a Philips recorder. :a