Philips DVDR980 problems

Nothing new there. Only the type of problem is new to me. The recorder has started rebooting itself. It does not matter what mode it is in, record, play, stop. It reboots and the recording channel is reset to the first off-air channel.

i tried flashing the firmware to the latest on Philips website (dvdr980_051_fus_eng) but the recorder is telling me that the firmware on the machine is newer than that on the website. Philips have told me that, no, the firmware on the website is the newest and that I should take the machine to my retailer or service centre for “inspection” (at my own expense too, I would hazard a guess). So I downgraded the firmware and flashed it with 051. Same problem. But at least I know it isn’t laser related this time.

I got this repaired under warranty in July last year and it was 2 years old in November. Should I push for a further repair?

Just one thing before recommending you get Philips to look at your recorder; “051” is the regional code for UK models, so if you went by just that in selecting files then you might not have used the latest firmware.

What’s the firmware on-board at the moment? Should be ‘ff12x’… (IIRC)

It was the only firmware available on their site. How do I check the fw rev?

On an even stranger note - the latest fw rev on is ff12t and I was able to install tbhis OVER the “latest” Philips fw.

Then you probably had a version older than FF12t. You can get FF12x from the Philips website.

Herein lies the problem - a lot of us used to bookmark relevant threads at and post the links to them as answers, instead of retyping answers! So I’m sorry but I don’t have a direct link for you.


On your machine, select the ‘Tools’ menu and then move into the ‘Remote’ page. Press the ‘up’ cursor key and you should get a screen full of guff. Somewhere towards the bottom of this there will be some letters and numbers and you can spot the “ff12-whatever”.

Presumably you got the firmware from here:

I’ve tried looking for the fw version but I cannot find it where you say. I didn’t dl the fw from the website you stated, I dl’d it here.

The recorder has now started displaying an error when it stops recording:


Whatever that means.

Sorry, my mistake… too much reliance on memory.

System menu -> Tools -> ‘Remote’ icon -> single <RIGHT> cursor press (highlights “Remote control used”: don’t go into the box that says “DVD recorder”), then press DOWN cursor key.

Second line from bottom of text should have the 'ff - firmware version.


An update of sorts. I believe the problem with my machine may not be laser related as the machine has started rebooting now even when no disc is in the tray, so I think that something else has become corrupted or whatever.

I have been passed to Philips Ireland, who repaired my machine the last time, and they are being fantastic about it. They have offered a repair or a new model at a discount price. The machine is now 27 months old but as it was out of action for almost 7 months last year before they got round to repairing it they are more than happy to deal with it as a warranty issue.

I wish that we in the US could deal with Philips Ireland. These guys are hard to work with and seem not to give a damn. If it is out of warranty now you are basically screwed.

I’ve hearded (on the old forum) that the first two positions indicate the board that failes (DB for digital bord). for the rest I am unshure, but would recommend a checkup by philips

I have been offered either a repair or a new model (DVDR612) for £150 sterling. This is £100 less than the list price which, at first, seems fair enough. But take this into consideration:

  1. 2 years ago, the 980 cost me £600 sterling. I am basically being offered a trade-in price of £100 for a machine that has had a very limited life. Other countries are being offred higher spec replacements for FREE by Philips. I have even seen one customer that was offered a dvd recorder/HDD recorder combo in the US for free as a result of his DVDR1000 breaking down.

  2. I have seen another recorder, the Ellion DVR915A, on sale for £150. It is multi-format (+/-) and even has a Philips engine for recording. It has progressive scan output and a 5.1 decoder on board. It is getting rave reviews and even looks impressive (although not as impressive as their + only 530 range).

As a result, I’m going to ask Philips to repair the 980 again instead and then I’ll sell it and buy the Ellion model instead.