Philips DVDR980 AB F092FS Error message



Hi. I’m a previous user of the forum.

After months of trouble-free use, my Philips DVDR980 has just frozen with the above error message. This was after a Timer recording. I got home- that code is displaying, and unplugging it at the rear and leaving it for 10 or 15 minutes didn’t get rid of it- it will not switch on at all.

Anyone have any ideas?


Take the plug out the mains. Wait 5 minutes. Put the plug into the main with the standby knob pressed. The recorder should power up now in the virgin mode. You have to program all the settings again.



Hi. Thanks for your reply. I have just tried your suggestion; holding down the standby button while plugging in. However, the unit will still not power up. It now displays AB FFDOE6.


Have you run the diagnostic program? By plugging in with the play button pressed you start this. The display should display busy and after a while pass if good or fail if wrong.



Just tried the last suggestion. By holding the play button (I assume it is play on the unit, not the remote?), the code changed - it now says AB FFDOE6. It will stll not switch on.


Yes I’ve just realised it’s the same code!