Philips DVDR880 - Current Firmware?



Philips’ site has me baffled since they started using a version number for the firmware instead of giving a date for when the firmware changed. I’m currently on FF12w. Is there anything more recent? :confused:


Yes, there is ff12x, but before you instinctively upgrade, please consider what it is that you think you’d gain. AFAIK, none of us know what is different between ff12w(+) and ff12x.

Has your 880 been repaired, or is it from new?


It was repaired about a year ago. I’m wary about giving it a firmware disc to chew on in case the reliability of the machine was impaired - it’s about two years old now. I have a 4KUS 230 and a CyberHome 750 as alternative machines, but I still find the SP+ mode of the Philips is the most useful recording option.

My main reason for considering an upgrade is the machine’s compatibility with 8x and above media. 4x media (which it loves) is starting to become limited in choice and I don’t want to start burning coasters.


There are suggestions that the firmware installed after a repair is the best for whatever mechanical or electronic changes were made.

I don’t know whether the ability to handle 8x discs has changed between ff12w(+) and ff12x. Will 8x not work at the moment with your current firmware? I would be tempted to try before changing something which is clearly working at the moment.