Philips DVDR824DP Help needed!

hi there, im new here, i usually flash the firmwares of my drives myself, getting the files and apps to do it off “the firmware page” (google it).
Ive had my Philips drive for a year or two now and its been one of the best investments ive ever made on my rig, however i have a problem with it now becuase im aware of a D/L firmware that “could” work with my drive. My drive used to be a DVDR840P, but i flashed it today with the DVDR82DP P3.3 firmware and i am hoping to flash it again with the BenQ 822a compatable firmware. I understand there is another firmware around for the same drive which makes it dual layer compatable, thanks to the handy switching tool BenQ have put together. Now all i need to know is, will this work with my drive without turning it into a paperweight and how exactly i go about doing it?
Any help would be appriciated coz i need a D/L drive and if i can avoid purchasing a new one, it would be a real bonus to use my trusty Philips burner coz its served me so well and i’d feel bad getting rid of it at the moment.
Cheers guys