Philips DVDR824/P@DW822a

I post this thread for all who are intersted to flash their drive with the latest BenQ firmware (B3JCY) and not sure if it works, like me :wink: . Ok, I flashed the drive and switched the firmware to DVD+R/RW +DL. At now I have only burned DVD+R/RW so I can’t say anything about DL. But all seems to be allright, I think.
Remember, YOU FLASH YOUR DRIVE AT YOUR OWN RISK. For me flashing the drive was ok, maybe you’ll dump your drive.

The first scan is a Verbatim 4x media burned @8x and the second media is Philips 4x burned @4x.

Maxell CD-R MBI 97m17s06f Made in India
BenQ DW822A fw.B3LC
Nero 2016 x16