Philips DVDR75 wierd media compatibility problems

I have an old philips dvdr75 recorder (european if it does matter). It’s upgraded to the newest firmware available at philips site. I’m having really wierd media compatibility problems. It doesn’t want to write on some dvd+r discs. I’ve tested verbatim mcc003 and taiyo yuden 02 (both are excelent media - for my pc liteone burner at least) and some cheap like aml and others. It has no problems recording on +rw discs (even cheap, scratched and recorded/erased many times). Is this common issue? Or is my recorder going crazy?

It recognizes the disc when I insert it. Then I press record. It starts recording (or so it says) and stops suddenly (the picture freezes for a minute or two). Then the recorder shuts down. The media has a thin ring written near it’s center. After this the dvd+r is still usable (in my pc recorder for example) so I can write on it with no problems. (so it seems it’s something like laser power calibration error or something similiar). Could someone help me on this? The recorder has no problems reading discs. Right now I don’t have any dvd-r discs to check whether it writes them ok or not.

The second problem I recently have run into is “COPY PROT” error when trying to record from other dvd (they’re my home made dvds, no copy protection applied). It’s not such a big problem, since I can always copy them on my pc (and there won’t be quality loss in this method). But sometimes it’s just simplier to do it on the dvd recorder. Both dvd recorder and player are connected via rgb scart cable. The image quality is very qood (so is the signal level). It’s just annoying that some protection stuff applies to my unprotected dvds. I can copy it with no problem when I connect a very old dvd player to the dvdr75. Then no copy prot error is displayed. This problem occures on any newer than few years old dvdplayer.

Thanks in advance,

Sorry to post one after another but it seems that the edit button is disabled after ~30 minutes.

Just a little update: I’ve found verbatim mcc004 dvd+r and the recorder also refuses to write it.

Ok. I know it for sure now. It works perfectly with most 1x-4x media. Handles ok very few 8x media. Doesn’t work with any x16 media I had.

Why did they do such crap anyway? Got to change this recorder for something usable (it’s almost impossible to get 1-4 dvd+/-r media here where I live).

Yes, I’m afraid the only way around this is to record onto +RW discs (of which 1-4x speed are still pretty widely available), then just do the copy on your PC.

There is some advantage to this: if you edit the +RW recordings on the Philips and insert chapter marks, then on copying the ISO image of the whole +RW disc to a +R using a PC will preserve the chapters for playback in a standalone DVD-Video player. Normally the post-recording chapter marks made on a +R are not recognised; but by copying the whole +VR structure from the +RW to the +R disc, you’ll find they are detected.