Philips DVDR75/17 Disc Error, Skipping



I have the Philips DVDR75/17 recorder and within the last few months I have had problems with it not playing commercial DVD movies (new and rented). Some of the newer movie releases will play the preview trailers and then when it should bring up the disk menu the player will stop playing and display Disc Error on the TV screen. Other movies will play ok for a while then skip scenes or freeze up. I purchased a Philips DVD lens cleaning disk but it did not help. My unit is out of warranty. I purchased it February 2004. I did call Philips customer service about a month ago and was told that the a new version of the firmware had be released since my recorder was manufactured, but the disk is backordered, so I am still waiting for it.

I did try to upgrade the firmware from the Philips webpage but I haven’t been able to create a disk. When I use Nero Burning ROM (latest demo version) it tells me the file format of the firmware files isn’t recognized. I downloaded the firmware upgrade from the site and was successful in creating a disk (.cue format was recognized by Nero) but my recorder is up to date for that version of firmware.

Has anyone had similar problems with their recorder? Has anyone upgraded their recorder with the Philips website firmware and could tell me what I am doing wrong in making a disk? Thanks for any help in advance!


Did you unzip the firmware files? If so did you follow the directions for burning the CD (ISO, etc) to the letter? The latest firmware I believe is from last summer. I do have the firmware on CD and have upgraded numerous times with no inciden. If you send me a postage-paid blank CD, I’ll burn it for you. Give me you email address and I’ll contact you.



I am having this very problem. I will purchase the firmware if need be. Thanks for all help. John