Philips DVDR7260H and some newbie questions

Well, it’s obvious I guess but I’m new here and new to DVD Recorders. I recently purchased a 7260 and I have a few questions that perhaps someone can answer. Please indulge me even if these are basic.

  1. Quite frequently, without any interaction, the box will display “Starting” for a few seconds and then switch back to displaying the time which it normally does in standby mode. Does anyone know what it is doing, the manual does not shed any light.

  2. The Philips has a Time Shift Buffer and it just so happened that yesterday it had a program I wanted to see in the temprary buffer. Although I could play it from the TSB, the buffer screen will pop up at random times and I had to keep pressing the Info button to clear it. The manual does not talk about viewing programs from the buffer so I am not sure if I should be doing this different. It was annoying - any ideas?

  3. When recording a program from the TSB to the HDD, I guess I expected this to be very quick, just like copying something from memory to my harddisk on my PC. It’s not, it appears to copy to disk in realtime. Is this right?

Again, thanks for any insight…


The Time shift buffer ‘is’ the hard drive - it’s just temporary unless you mark it for keeps - then it doesn’t get deleted

Hi everybody,

Someone can help me please…:bow:
I bought my box DVDR7260H since 7days, when I turn it ON it displays “STARTING” and it stills blocked.:eek:

I tried de reboot it and to keep the buttom STANDBY pressed when I turned it ON but NOTHING CHANGED:sad: