Philips DVDR7250H

Hi chaps,

Currently have a Pioneer DVR540HXS on pre-order but have stumbled across the above at Comet for £400. It does more or less everything I want (160gig HDD, Dual layer recording and Freeview DVB tuner) plus its got a 5.1 AC3 recording feature which seems to have gone unnoticed.

Anyone know what this units like and how the current Philips compare for recording quality? My first recorder was a DVDR70 and it had a few issues but was generally good. I won’t be using it for playback but I’m really interested in what it can do with a Digital audio input!

At first sight it looks as though it isn’t yet released in the UK (probably why it’s shown at Comet as “Out of stock”).

The manual available is for the DVDR7250H/31, and shows it to be a two-tuner model (one analogue, one digital), to have GuidePlus, and indeed support 5.1 recording.


I had a look at the manual the other day when I spotted it on Argos’ website.

The menus look exactly the same as the vapourware DVDR9000H.

Comet weren’t getting any in until Monday and I should have it on Tuesday.

Just hope the quality is good. Do most DVD Recorders have 9 bit A/D converters?

Those that are still interested can follow Damian’s experiences with the UK version of the DVDR7250 here on Digital Spy, but at the moment it appears that the Dolby 5.1 recordings can only be accurately played back in the Philips machine itself. In other players and recorders, the audio reverts to 2-channel :sad:.

From the FAQ for the similarly audio-specified DVDR9000H/10:

Tis true.

I like the way Philips don’t say anything on the FAQ for the DVDR7250H or in the manual.

Their email support is shocking too. When I complained about this over the weekend I was told yesterday that the DVDR7250H didn’t record AC3 5.1 audio anyway :rolleyes: