Philips DVDR70 wont accept new DVD+RWs

so my DVD+RWs are getting old and others are lost/missing so i bought a 5 pack of TDK DVD+RWs yesterday…recorded for an hour and pressed STOP… “postformedit” came up on the display and then DISC ERROR…turned the machine off…restarted and it says EMPTY DISC…today i bought some PC World DVD+RWs…and exactly the same thing happened…all my old and much used DVD+RWs are behaving perfectly normally for recording and playback…
Any suggestions guys???

Motley - London UK

What speed rating are these new +RW discs? Some faster speeds cannot be reliably handled by older machines on their original firmware.

Have you updated your DVDR70’s firmware since you bought it?

updated the latest firmware 24 hours ago and the discs are all 1-4 speed

Are you saying that the problems started after you upgraded the firmware and began to use the new discs, or that the new discs were problematic with the older firmware as well?

problem began before firmware update

What were the two firmwares: before and after?

well as u can see by my other post i got a new dvd recorder yesterday…thanks for your help…i’ll check out the old dvdr70 another time…

Fair enough.