Philips DVDR615 - here I go again?

(great big sigh)
After all the problems I had with previous DVD recorders, I’ve given up trying to do any editing proper on the DVDR615 I now have, including hiding chapters and making edits compatible, and do all that editing on my PC.

So, I’d just be happy if this DVD records straight like it’s meant to but I’m not sure if the problem is the discs that it’s mainly happening to, and I’ve put up with its idiosyncracies already like when the stupid thing gets too hot (despite being distanced enough from things according to the manual specs) and doing something as simple as ‘divide title’ catches it at a moment where it wants to lock up and reboot itself, after which it works fine (which previous models did too)

However, after I used up almost all of my Infiniti DVD+RW discs, I took the advice I got on usenet when discussing this and went for some Bulkpaq discs, and now I’m beginning to wish I hadn’t. The drives in my PC don’t like them as much (the R/RW drive will read Infiniti discs at up to 6x, whereas it ignores the Bulkpaq ones and the DVD-ROM drive below it will only read them at 2x so things are taking longer), and twice in two days now (after using them for a month or so), I’ll start playing a recording and it’ll jump about 2-3 mins in and play from there. I can picture-rewind to go back to the start but that’s not a solution. I’ve deleted the recording and re-recorded on it again and then it’s been fine so god knows what the problem is.

Also, last night, a well-used Philips DVD+RW that it’s been fine with for weeks on end, as I’ve recorded a series on it, suddenly came up with ‘disc error’ whatever I tried. Did a firmware update and it didn’t quite like it at first, but now it’s accepting the disc. Also on that same disc, without prompting it’s changed the menu image for the last recorded programme to the image that’s about five mins in which is bloody weird. I deleted and re-recorded the programme when this first happened, but nowadays I’ve got a 250Gb external hard drive so as soon as I’ve recorded the programme to a disc I’ll convert the VOB to a DVD-compliant MPEG and edit the disc together in the PC later.

At this point, I’m getting paranoid about Philips DVD recorders. This one’s now only four months old, and I haven’t raised any issues with the retailer just yet as I’ll do that once I’ve tested whether it’s the discs that are at fault otherwise they’ll say “Well, you told us about the problem and insisted on continuing with it for a while so we’re not liable” etc., and of the few +R/RW recorders out there that aren’t Philips, only the cheap £140 LG seems to have firewire, but then that stupidly only has 1hr, 2hr and 4hr modes. The ones I use most are 2.5hr and 3hr (6 eps of a 30-min programme from ITV and BBC, respectively, once ads are removed)

So, if it is the Bulkpaq discs then I’ll need to send them back for a refund, but I’ve got various things on them that I’ll need to complete series-wise before returning them to the retailer I got them from, and I’ll get a load of Infiniti ones again from who now do them for 65p each with a discount when ordering loads at once, and they come with an Amaray box each unlike the Bulkpaq.

I’d welcome anyone’s opinion as to whether it’s the discs playing up (eg. if the Philips happening at the same time as the Bulkpaq is a coincidence since it’s a different problem and the Philips one is well-used) or if the machine’s heading for the dumper this early in its short life (at which point I’ll send it back and tell them I don’t want it repaired, just a refund, and I’ll try another from somewhere else, and I’ll cross them over so I don’t have to go without for a while since I record stuff from TiVo to DVD daily)


Bulkpaq are crap. Whoever recommended those was an idiot. And forget Infiniti.

4x +R with Ricoh dye from SVP for 20p a shot delivered. How can you possibly beat that?


Infiniti have worked well for me for RW, the only time I’ve had problems is when making edits compatible once in a blue moon on a previous machine, but now I don’t do that.

I write to Datawrite 4x -R, which at the mo are 28p on (ie. 25 for £5.99) plus delivery, and when I last got some they were about 33p each but I know those work so I’d probably stick with them when it comes to writing a complete DVD from the hard drive, but the RW are just a means to transport them from the TiVo to the hard drive.

Have you had a bad experience with Infiniti? And was it +R only, or +RW as well?

I haven’t had any problems with infiniti myself. But Infiniti are a brand that changes the source for their disks sometimes, so you can’t be sure what you are getting (lordof thedeals don’t put the media codes of the disks on their website).

All I was saying is why go for what are essentially unknown DVD+Rs when you can have guaranteed Ricoh dye ones for 20p.

As for +RW, I go for MCC (Verbatim dye) every time.


I’ve never had even a small problem with Fuji+RW (RICOHJPN)