Philips DVDR615/37 -- Acting up after being unplugged

In Dec 2005 I purchased a Philips DVD Recorder (Model DVDR615/37) for my parents as a Christmas gift. They recently had their livingroom painted and carpeted and so the unit was unplugged for several days. After I plugged it back in, I had trouble getting any menu at all to come on screen. The display on the front of the recorder would go through a routine of messages such as “STAND BY - READING” and then C0003 would be displayed.

I scoured the Philips website, this forum, and other forums, however I could not find anyone who wrote about this specific code display.

Can anyone tell me what it means? I have a feeling it means “insert DVR in trash because it’s not worth fixing”. My fiance thinks it may be a code that indicates that the laser’s gone bad.

Any assistance/insight/good jokes will be GREATLY appreciated!!!