Philips DVDR610 - 'ERROR' on TV screen


I have a strange problem with my Philips DVDR-610/02
I put in a CD and the recorder reads a CD, shows tracks and total time, but if I push play nothing’s happen. There is only a word “ERROR” in top left corner on TV screen. The same thing with DVDs.
What do you think? The laser seems to be ok because it reads the Disks but don’t play them.

Thanks in advance.

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I think you’ll have to give us a bit more information about the origin of these CDs/DVDs that produce the error.

a) Were the DVDs originally recorded on the 610, or on a PC?
b) What is the brand of discs (and if possible, the media ID)?
c) What is the content of the discs: DVD-Video, MPEG2 files or .avi?

d) Did the 610 only start doing this recently, or is it a new machine that never worked?

Any other information would be helpful

Thank you for quick reply.

a) nope, I’ve never recorded disks on it, they are new from the store (music, movies)
b) –
c) audio CD, DVD-Video
d) I’ve bought it recently as a used stuff but seller assured me that it works.

I’ve read the forum and maybe I should change the software.
It’s strange that I have ‘ERROR’ on TV, not on the recorder display. Don’t you think?

There’s nothing about this type of message on the Philips troubleshooting section. I’m afraid it sounds like bad news if the machine won’t play commercial pressed DVD-Video titles or CD audio. Unfortunately you need it to be able to read data CDs in order to update the firmware.

You could try resetting the unit by switching off the power at the wall, then on again with the ‘Power’ button held in. Also try recording in case the region settings of the recorder are not appropriate for the commercial discs you’re trying to play.

Failing that, if it has never worked, then my advice would be to contact the previous owner and try to get your money back.

I found this in user manual:

“– If the inhibit icon “XError” appears on the TV screen when a button is pressed, it means the function is not available on the current disc or at the current time.”

But nothing more is explained. It shows when I push play on audio CDs so what it can be?
I’ll try to reset it.

Hmmm… interesting. Perhaps you could try playing a DVD or audio CD by pressing the control buttons on the front of the unit. Just in case the remote is the wrong one, or it’s malfunctioning.

“Hard” reset was helpful very much. Now the unit is reading and playing Disks. I’ll try to record something.

OK good :slight_smile: .

Keep us posted…