Philips DVDR600VR - error messages AE00F61 and AE3BD42

These messages are appearing on my recorder - I have read various solutions such as unplugging the machine for a few minutes and plugging it back in while holding the standby button on or holding the play button in. I am getting either of these two error messages, mostly the first one.

This machine has sort of worked once except the tv screen was scrolling very quickly and the screen colours were red/blue.

If anyone has any other solution that would shock this machine back to life, I would appreciate it.

Unless you’re trying to use a combination of NTSC and PAL equipment, I would advise a return to the shop immediately and demand a replacement.

Did you ever get a resolution on your unit? I have the AE2BE4B and AE3BD42 error codes come up and the exactly same problems with tv screen scrolling. I have contacted Philips and they just tell me that their warranty is up? Anyways, trying to get this resolved.

hey I had the same problem. Just fixed it. I tried everything I read online…didnt help. So I just figured the machine went to shit so I took the remote and hit the on and off button real fast for a minute and then figured it wouldn’t hurt to hit the eject button continuously for like a minute. Go mad. Hit it a lot and fast. Eventually instead of that stupid message I got open/close showing on the machine. Then soon after the tray actually started opening and closing. Yay. Before I would suggest unplugging for like 10 min at least and then plugging in and trying this. That’s exactly what I did and its functional now. Now I say functional because the player laser must be dirty or broken because the movie playback is choppy and unviewable. But at least it works now…

Hope that weird process helps someone…