Philips DVDR520/75 - error: 0x81000006

I have been very patient with my DVD recorder, toleranting all the minor problems such as screen freezes, missing track, incorrect time frame etc. However, the machine fails on me tonight, very badly. It returns an error message after turning it on: “Please consult customer service, error code: 0x81000006”.
No tracks from the hard disk is retrieved…
Anyone experienced this, or know what’s happening? What’s that error code represents? Thank you for any reply.

All of us who have had bad Philips machines will doubtless sympathise, and applaud your patience. However it seems like time to call it a day on the DVDR520H, and take up the warranty options. If even the firmware suggests it, then I wouldn’t argue.

According to your previous post here the DVDR520 was bought in Dec 2005, so you should be well within range of the guarantee period.

Yes, you are correct. It is still under warranty. I just try to see if it can be fixed by switching off the power for a few seconds and turning it back on like other minor problems.

Anyway, I called the Philips Consumer Line first thing this morning and am taking the machine down to the repair center today. The error code involves a hard disk/memory problem.