Philips DVDR520/75 - able to change quality speed on copying?


I am new to both this forum and DVD recorders. I have recently purchased a Philips DVDR520/75 (with 80GB hard disk).

At first, I was recording programs on the hard disk. But as the hard disk is becoming less space, I started to copy those programs onto the DVD. The original programs I recorded on the hard disk was in M1 (the HQ quality). Is there anyways for the programs to be burnt onto the DVD becomes other quality (ie. M2 or M2x / SP or SSP)? Or is it only that what I originally recorded as, will just copy itself onto the DVD without able to change the quality?

Thanks for reading and hope someone can answer this question.

I have just purchased one of these models (DVDR520M/75).
Have had several problems,needing to unplug the unit in order to continue

Im seriously considering returning this unit.

to answer your question no you can not change the quality so it will fit on
your dvdr dvd-rw.

your stuck with the orginal quality. :sad:

Hi, thanks for your reply.

Was it that you get screen freeze during editing tracks?

issues ive had with it so far

1.Complete freeze when playing back dvd-rw (needed to unplug to restore)
happened 3 times. :a
2.Wouldnt delete some old titles (would get to about 80% then freeze)x 3
3.Completely lost a title (not deleted by me) :sad:
4.Lost chapter inserts.

Very fussy on DVD-RW media
have tried :
imation 4 x RW ok
verbatim 4x RW ok (sometimes)

Hope your having better luck :eek:

I don’t believe there’s no patch/firmware upgrade available… Yet there isn’t any on Philips’ website :rolleyes:

I am returning the unit sooner or later (once I copied all the tracks I’ve got on the hard disk) because some tracks on the hard disk wouldn’t delete at all (similar to your situation 2, but mine wouldn’t able to be clicked in at all neither play or edit).

I haven’t have any title lost yet :bigsmile:

On the DVD-RW issue, Philips mentioned (somewhere I read) that they only recommended two or three brands (one of them is Sony), the others they said MAY NOT work properly (they should have said DO NOT instead I guess).

How much did you pay for your unit?
How long have you had it for?

I payed $500.00(nz dollars) and have had it for 2 weeks :a
I think this is an end of line product,i wonder why? :frowning:
I got it from here:-

What make is your tv?
Mines a Sony KV-T29SN81. (Has its own issues :doh: )

I bought the unit from “The Good Guys Store” for AU$496.00 (which is roughly NS$545) at the end of December (35th day today).
Philips Australia doesn’t provide any support to this model (and had to pay for the warranty…).

My TV is also from Sony, forgot the model number, will check it after I got home (it’s a 16 years old 42 inches).

I have sent (Philips) an email re firmware update
Im not holding my breath tho :wink:

There is some speculation that the DVDR520H was produced by LiteOn and rebadged as a Philips (see here). These two machines, plus an iLO unit in the US, appear to be identical from the manuals.

The Philips:

The LiteOn:

The iLO:

There is a firmware update for the UK model (DVDR520H/05) on the Philips site, but as you say, not for the ‘/75’ version strangely …

Well my (DVDR520h/75) is going back to retailer tomorrow. :clap:

Not very impressed with quality of this model,I dont want to have the thing
for 6 months then find it has a major melt down.
There seems to be only two choices these days cheap crap or expensive crap!! :a

I hope other people read this forum before buying this model.

This is why i decided to return this recorder read more here

I E-mailed philips regarding firmware update for DVDR520H/75 (Nz.Au model)

This was there response:-

Thankyou for your email , there are no current updates required for this model DVD recorder. :rolleyes: