Philips DVDR3575H/37

The new DVDR3575H/37 ATSC/NTSC
160 GB hard drive/DVD recorder
is finally listed as In Stock here. :bigsmile:

I called all my local store, one said they had it but it was a 3475 that rang up as like 119 and didn’t mention a 160 gig HD anywhere on the box. They don’t even list that model or price anywhere but Philips website has it without a HD as well, possibly without a tuner too.
I didn’t look at it real hard becuase price was way off and no HD. I doubt they would missprice it that far…

Before I placed my order I called them to confirm
they actually have them in stock.
I believe that in spite of their Store Locator saying
it is in some stores (but not my local one) it is, so far
web only.

Well I bit the bullet and ordered one too, lets hope it’s not as bad as the Polaroid version I tried 3 of or it will be going back rather quickly.
Whats the point of having a Cable/QAM digital tuner that can’t get a good lock on a signal my other gear is fine with.
Plus I’m hoping for QTR and VCR+ and DIVX support, the a160 didn’t seem to support those either.
The waiting is gonna kill me…:doh:

According to UPS Tracking mine will arrive Thursday.
I agree about the wait. :iagree:

If anyone finds a link to the owners manual please post it here.
Even though Wal*Mart is now shipping this machine Philips
still does not have any reference to it on their site. :frowning:

In another forum someone posted saying
Philips are known for good tuners. I hope so. :slight_smile:

Me too, the polaroid worked well as long as you didn’t need QAM to work at all. This unit is probably the same board again but let’s hope the tuner rumor is true, plus maybe it is different.
We are on that other forum as well…:bigsmile:

We’ll find out next week.

We are on that other forum as well…:bigsmile:

So I see. :iagree: :bigsmile:

Greetings, saw this unit at Walmart, do you know ig it will work with DirecTV?
Will I be able to record shows?


Here you go… watch out it’s a 13 MB download.

Yes, through the inputs but not with the built in tuners,
as long as the program is not Copy Protected.
See the post just above by imkidd57 to download
the manual. :slight_smile:

Thanks. :slight_smile:

OK guys, the units have issues with Cable digital QAM tuner holding it’s channel memory. the NTSC and ATSC tuners seem to be fine so be aware of that if your buying one to use for the digital cable portion of the tuner. All the analog channels seem to stay put so far and they are aware of it but no fix yet.
The digital cable tuner has a perfect lock when it works however and you can tune the true channels directly even with out them programmed in but then it will only tune the first major sub like 80.1 and none of the other subs on that channel. HOWEVER if you manually add the true channel to memory again it will then also tune all subs just fine.
I set my timers to the true channels rater then the virtual ones, for the extra subs I use the SD rather then the HD becuase most of the time they are on by themselves and can be tuned directly as well, if that doesn’t work then I use the analog channel.
If your using only OTA analog and digital your home free as that part of the tuner so far has no issues, same for analog only cable…
I like mine enough I’m going to hang onto it and hope they release either a firmware or a fixed unit soon. Wally World has 90 day return plus unit has a 1 year warranty through Philips, and you can purchase 2 or 3 years extension through Wally world really cheap.

I can vouch for what Dartman said regarding ATSC and NTSC
OTA. That’s all I use mine for and so far it works perfectly.
I would add that SP mode with the DVDR3575H/37
plays back as clear as HQ does with my Lite-On. :slight_smile:

RE: ATSC tuner. when the Philips unit records a HD channel (16:9) the manual says it records it as 4:3. When the unit plays it back does it upconvert it back to 16:9 and in a decent quality (i.e. at least 480P) ?

How is the HDD & DVD ATSC record/playback quality?

What about NTSC (analog via line input)?

I’m thinks of returning my new Panasonic DMR-EZ475vk. It does a great job of recording & playing ATSC signals on DVDs, but it refused to record what was probably a “copy-once” protected program (Stargate SG1). The Philips manual says if that happens the timed recording defaults to the HDD which will record such program.


According to page 110 of the manual there is a setting
for 480P

How is the HDD & DVD ATSC record/playback quality?..

Very good, IMO.

Does anyone else have a problem with a very dark picture using the HDMI output? I have my Panasonic 52" HD LCD at the brightest picture setting and the picture is much to darks.

Anyone got a fix?

I don’t use HDMI since my SD widescreen TV
doesn’t have a hookup, but have you tried
changing any of the HDMI output settings
in the recorder?
BTW, welcome to [I][B]this[/B][/I] forum.
You might check out post # 728 in that [I][B]other[/B][/I] forum. :bigsmile:

Hi, this is my first post here, and I’m planning to buy this product from philips becuase of two reasons, 1). copy from camcorder (mini DVtape) via IEEE interface to DVD and recording TV programs on to the HDD for later view.

I have a question for those who have bought this DVR and might have tried this, does it play avi files, meaning - can I “COPY” a AVI file and paste it to a blank dvd - and after successful copy-paste - does this player support playing of an avi file?

what does divx support means?