Philips DVDR3575H/37 will not keep the correct time or date

[qanda]This thread is about the Philips DVDR3576H 160 GB Hard disk/DVD recorder. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]My Philips DVDR3575H/37 will not keep the correct time or date it jumps ahead 10 to 20 years into the future, I have 2 of these and the both started doing this about the same time.

I have been looking through these forums and I see that a firmware update might be possible, how is this accomplished ? through the usb?
is there a battery that needs to be changed if so how do I get to it.

Philips has stopped making DVDRs and at this time has no plans to produce them in the future
Any help would be greatly appreciated

The post should read Philips DVDR3576H/37
I don’t seem to be able edit my posts

You probably have the auto clock turned on and it’s finding the wrong channel to set itself with.
You can turn that feature of then it will loose or gain time according to how accurate your individual time chip is.
Also that unit only gets the time signal from analog stations and if your in the USA those were shut down the 24th of June, if your on cable they MIGHT still be working as most still carry some networks on a small analog basic section.
Try this place and thread, more then you want to know about that machine.

Thank you very much.
You are right it has the info that I have been searching for.
I turned off the auto clock so I hope that fixes it, it makes sense because it started about the time that the first deadline for change over and some of the local stations went digital then. Thanks again

Yeah, the 3575/76’s can’t find the digital time stamp. My 3575 is set manual time and 6 months later is still within a couple of seconds of the networks.

Your welcome, hang out on that other site long enough and you’ll end up with a bigger hard drive installed as well or maybe a external rack if your really into using that unit:cool:

You may have noticed that problem arrived when all transmission went digital and you probably have unit set to Auto. Time must be entered manually ,as auto only works with an analog signal from your local PBS station. Go in to setup., turn clock set off,set clock and see if it stays. I had the same problem and Phillips could not even help. my problem would so up when trying to record to HDD, after recoring was complete clock would jump 4 hrs and date was all over the place.So far ,so good .with the manual set. Be advise too that there is a firmware update available on the Phillips site for your unit. The download will be a zip file, so you will have to open it and burn to a disc. insert it into your unit and follow prompts.Good Luck:)