Philips DVDR3480 review

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We check out the Philips DVDR3480 DVD recorder.

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Philipps dvd-recorders are known for extreme slow reaction of button-press, up to 2 seconds. But don´t read it here

i have read one or two reports of slow responsiveness as well (for example on the amazon site). the reason you didn’t see it mentioned here was because it didn’t occur on our 3480 review unit.

Why does this vcr use some kind of discs instead of tape? Is this some kind of gimmick?

Yes it is one of those ‘Ye New-fangled DVD Recorder’. We are very up-to-date on CD Freaks… have you not heard of them? :wink:

Also £59.99 at Tesco. Best feature, no noisy fan. Unfortunately, I’ve had x3 & they all produced horrible green flashes on the screen (recorded on the DVD), maybe the update fixed that ? Got Tesco refund without a problem.

The only way this prodct will be successful in the USA is if they add an ATSC and digital cable clear QAM tuner (like most HDTVs do now) with the ability to record it. It would be nice to record in high def. I would definitely buy two of them.

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@bazza2: The firmware update was mainly supposed to fix some sporadic problems with the machine locking up during playback of DVDs. Sorry you had problems; very unusual to get the same thing on three machines. @SciFer: I am sure there are many people in the US who are still content to record standard definition.

Thanks imkidd57, Guess the 3 I had were all from the same batch. The unit replaced an early Philips DVDR75, which continues to work fine. I eventually bought a Sony RDR-GX350, mainly for its upscaling…but if you think the Philips are slow, you should try the Sony, much slower than any Philips machine I’ve used. Makes good recording, but lousy menu system for recodings, plus a fan which I can hear across the room !!

Newer DVD-HDD-Recorders from Sony are much better, because it´s rebadged Pioneer :slight_smile:

hallo has anybody been tryed to connect philips dvd-3480 player to external hard drive through the usb port and got the player to read films from the player…can anybody help

I have just bought the Philips DVDR3480 and being blonde! have no idea how to connect this machine to my digi box? Can I tape programmes with my DVDR from my digi box? Help please.

I’ve been looking at this particular DVD recorder just lately and I wanted to thank you for a full and thorough review of the item. Cheers! :slight_smile:

Hi I am thinking of buying this product to transfer recordings from my Sky Plus hard drive onto DVD. Will this product enable me to do this? Thanks

OMG All that work just for one cheep DVD recorder, and the verdict? Well I just ordered one! Good work guys, I wish every review where as good as this one!!!

do u have problems with size/colour of the subtitles??? they appear green and very small!!! i have the newest firmware and dont know what to do now? downgrade fw? :frowning:

Recording from dv-camera-tape via ilink, audio ends up out of sync on dvd. (I also tested this issue on my old philips-dvd-recorder without any problem). I’m going to return it today :frowning:

Hi, I have just bought this DVD recorder in France. It works very well… except thqt it ‘freezes’ quite often. I have already changed it as I thought this came from a deffective unit but the new one has the same problem. Any idea of the problem? Many thanks in advance.