Philips DVDR3370H/97: region free (unlocking) code



I struggled to find this for the 3370, so decided to post it here for others that need it. In fact, I couldn;t find a reference for the 3370 but I used a sequence code for the 3350 that seemed to work:

There are two sequences below… I tried one then the other (i.e. both, one after the other) and it worked… so, not quite sure which one did it… try both and hopefully it works for you: :slight_smile:

Region code hack posted by Pepe_arg, June 15 2006:

  1. Press DVD.
  2. Press STOP.
  3. Press 0086000

Region code hack posted by JuanGoHer, August 05 2006:
Be sure the DVD tray is empty.

  1. TURN ON the PHILIPS R3350H
  2. Press <DVD> on the remote
  3. Open the DVD tray
  4. Enter the following digit sequence from the remote :
    “008600” then “0” (selecting region 0=ALL, no messages displayed on the TV)
  5. Press <OK> on the remote
  6. close the DVD tray and then TURN OFF the PHILIPS R3350H

Hack procedure tested successfully !!


Thanks for this information, Dozey :flower:.

Much appreciated :iagree:


Neither worked for my with my 3350K. However, I can get to the regio code opening the tray and typing 99990. This appears to set the region to 0 but I can’t seem to make it stay that way as I still get ‘wrong region’ every time I put in a DVD. Any recent solutions?