Philips DVDR3305

Hi all. I have just bought a DVDR3305/05.

I want to copy programmes from Sky + to disc. That all works but whilst the picture appears in 16:9 format on Sky + when you switch to the DVD screen the screen appears in normal 4:3 mode. It records like this too.

How can I stop this or can’t I???


Thanks all.


Do you have the 3305’s display characteristics set to output at 16:9 (probably in the manual)?

Yes, but its only for playback and it still doesnt work.

What happens if you manually switch the TV to 16:9, when playing back one of the 4:3 Sky recordings?

The TV is already on 16:9. If I change the settings on the TV during playback nothing happens. The settings on the TV and Sky + are correct. There is something I’m missing on the DVD player.

I’m having this exact same problem - has anybody else experienced this and found a possible solution.
Many thanks.