Philips DVDR16LSK/00 Firmware Downgrade From 2.0 to 1.8?

While on another thread I asked a Q to a member Thread Here while I was at it about the above issue and this drive’s FW been upgraded to the latest official Philips 2.0 but I am trying to see if I can backwards step to what I now know is FW version 1.8 according to the label on the drive itself.

I was told you can backwards step and I may aswell just try this on the off chance that this resolves the drive tray issue.

Just have to find the 1.8 version now which I know from calling Philips just now is not available on the Philips website and I have done google searches and not found it available on any other sites.

Does anybody who owns a Philips DVDR16LSK/00 have a copy of the official Philips 1.8 version of firmware maybe lurking on their system that they could kindly send to me :confused:

Will keep the thread updated if it yields any results, if you don’t hear from me it just means I am out in the garden taking a 20lb sledge hammer to it to give it a lesson or two in breaking on me for no good reason LOL!

EDITED P.S. Have used the search function and know these drives were also branded Ben-Q but can’t seem to find the Model number, it is just I know from reading lots of threads here, you can cross flash Ben-Q firmware to the same branded Philips drive, so I could stand a double chance of locating the now older firmware I so badly need.



please check - there are some Philips firmwares available.
I am not sure, but your drive could be a Benq DW1625.