Philips dvdr16ls wont recognise disc type

I got my philips dvdr16ls over a year ago and its been brilliant but I just went to copy a dvd today and it wont recognise the disc type. I’ve tried other dvd’s and even cd’s now but it fails. It recognises a disc is inserted but doesnt show if its a dvd or cd. and when I go to copy/burn it doesnt know a disc is inserted.

I’ve updated the firmware to v2.0 but I’ve had it for months now anyway!

anyone help?

just ran a test on nero and it says “no disc inserted” in the results even though a dvd is clearly inserted.


I’ve attached the log

Nero InfoTool.pdf (134 KB)

I’ve reinstalled it serveral times now, there are no conflicts in the task manager, it just seems like its packed in and stopped recognising a disk is int he drive.

If I open and close the drive the lights at the front light up (as if its reading the disk) then just goes blank!

gggggggggggrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! It was working about a week ago! I’ve even uninstalled all the software that I would have put on in the last week or so! I even upgraded Nero

but no luck :frowning:

Welcome to cdfreaks. :slight_smile:

To start with try to uninstall Nero InCD.
Second, Uninstall the non Microsoft Upper and Lower Filters*.
Third, temporarily disable (or uninstall) LightScribe software.

BTW, VIA P4M266 mobo drivers might also be corrupted or need an update. :wink:

*= The only filter drivers you need for burning are Redbook/Upper and Imapi/Lower.

cheers pinto, I’ll look into it later today :slight_smile:

ok, I’ve done all those and the only filters left are those which you said,

still no luck though, only thing I havnt done is find VIA P4M266 mobo drivers. Anyone know where to get them>?

ok, I’ve come to the conclusion its busted. I done as much as I could, I even took it into work and installed it ansd still dodnt work, must be busted!

Yup, sounds DEAD.